Fix Every Mental, Emotional & Physical Disconnection in Your Marital Life


Discover and Acknowledge Your True Self, Take Control of Your Emotions & Create an Intimate Cosmic Connection with Your Spouse so that He/She Falls Eternally in Love with You.
21 Powerful Sessions to Connect Back to Your Spouse & Manifest Everlasting Love and a Fulfilled Life
Be Heard, Appreciated, Loved & Respected by Your Partner by Tuning Your Mind & Body to the Sacred Fulfiller Frequency Based on the Ancient Buddhist Meditation Technique ~ Vipassana and Conscious Love
  • You are here because you are in an unfulfilled relationship.
  • It’s taking away all your energy, your peace of mind, your happiness…everything.
  • You are sick of repeating the same unpleasant conversation with zero results whatsoever…
  • You tend to withdraw to your shell when you need each other’s support like anything…
  • If at all you speak, it blows up into heated arguments, making you feel all the more angry, frustrated and alone…
  • You feel disconnected from your spouse…mentally and physically…
  • And there’s no more passion or excitement left in your relationship…
  • If so, it’s TIME you change the ‘WAY YOU LOVE’ your spouse.
  • The majority of couples love their partners for how important they are in their life (breadwinners, homemakers or parent to the kid) and for how do they treat them.
  • We never love people for WHAT THEY ACTUALLY ARE.
  • And to know what they are, we need to first discover & acknowledge WHAT WE ARE.
  • As a Coach, I help you create the Life and Love that you deserve…
  • How can you accept your spouse, if you don’t know or accept yourself?
  • Just imagine, you are going to find both your & your spouse’s true self – which is a combination of both the masculine and the feminine…
  • How great that change would be?

In these 21 Sessions, You Will Learn…

  1. How to acknowledge and work upon your own & your spouses’ masculine and feminine energies for greater bonding?
  2. Every ritual, techniques and awareness tools you need to develop self-love to fulfill your love for your partner without complaining.
  3. The 3 stages of love you need to attain your Fulfiller Frequency.
  4. How to achieve greater vitality & longevity in your love life and harness your emotions for greater self-realization?
  5. How to create a cosmic connection with your spouse, so that he/she will eternally love you and you will no longer feel the burden of relationship?
  6. How to tune to your Fulfiller frequency and feel fulfilled mentally, emotionally and physically
    And a lot more…


Relationship Coach, Intimacy Expert & the Creator of ‘Fulfiller Frequency’

Vaneet would never have turned to relationship coaching unless he didn’t have a heartbreaking experience in his former marriage, which he entered with zero knowledge about what’s meant by and expected out of a marital relationship or how important a partner’s feelings can be.

When he found seeking fulfillment in marital life is vain, he turned to spirituality for greater joy. And that was how Vaneet got attracted to the ancient Buddhist Meditation Technique ~ Vipassana – that seeks insight into the true nature of reality. Powered by those insights, he went on to implement the learnings in his own and other people’s relationships.

Today, Vaneet helps 100+ couples to discover themselves and connect back to their spouses by means of The Fulfiller Frequency TFF, which helps one feel mentally, emotionally and physically fulfilled in their relationships again, even if their marriage is on the verge of breakup.

NDA : This is a very private and personal coaching module. So there will be a Non Disclosure Agreement, not to share any information about the technique and the client.

Individual Coaching
Coaching is Transformation

Imagine having me at your back, powerfully supporting you towards living your highest vision for your life. Through this private, personalised coaching experience-if you are truly ready to step out of your comfort zone –I will help you turn your biggest dream into your everyday reality.

Warning: This is a very elite zone…Please click in, if money is not your concern and you are committed establish love in your life.

The training and cost is very high. The value you will receive is beyond any materialistic value you can ever have.

I am a spiritual seeker and all that you contribute will go on to spread the world of Love, Joy and Happiness through AppMeditate – a platform for guided meditations on different aspects of life.