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  • Relaxation is a part of meditation but does not define the entire activity. Meditation in its full potential enriches our soul and makes us happy from within. Relaxing calms our mind. Meditation enriches our mind as well as the body and opens new horizons of positivity.

  • A guided meditation session allows the listener to stay focused on the practice. It follows a step by step technique and helps an individual reach a target.

  • Absolutely. Our wide range of guided meditation techniques, affirmations, and visualizations can help people get through difficult situations and achieve peace and success.

  • While it's not necessary to put on music while meditating but proper sound effects enhance our auditory senses during meditation and help us absorb the benefits deeply. Appmeditate supplements guided meditations with subtle yet powerful background music that can help you focus better.

  • Unlike popular opinion, meditation is one of the most effortless things you can ever do. The idea of difficulty just lies in our mind. You will notice how simple it is once you try it for yourself.

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