About The Founder Vaneet Duggal

How did you get the idea of beginning your journey with Appmeditate?

I have always been into meditation and when I saw beautiful things manifesting in my own life, that was when I decided that this needs to be shared with the world. Creating a life filled with love, joy, and happiness has been on my mind. 

The regularity in my meditation helped me overcome a lot of challenges in my life. I reaped a lot of benefits and gained meaningful insights. As for the online course part, I decided to bring meditation to people’s phones as this is the device people nowadays spend most of their time on. 

I saw a lot of meditation courses before I decided to go on with my creation. I am putting forward an interface in which people can have something where they get an all-in-one kind of service. All benefits of meditation, mindfulness, affirmations, visualizations, and guides in a single platform! Isn’t that exciting?


Do you think people are ignorant about the benefits of meditation? How does your course address that?

I don’t think that people are totally ignorant of the benefits of meditation. Everyone knows that it’s beneficial for you. However, they don’t realize the profoundness of how meditation can positively transform their lives. Appmeditate covers different aspects of life and brings everything together in one single interface. 

Owing to their busy schedules, people don’t bring themselves to meditate. With the help of the online course, I intend to bring meditation to them. The best part is that they don’t have to take out any extra time to practice meditation. If you are relaxing for a while or waiting for someone to arrive, you can hear the informative content in between breaks. 


Are the results immediate or are visible after some time?

As soon as you start meditating, you will begin to notice positive changes in your mindset and gradually they will make their way into your life. You begin to acknowledge emotions and learn to deal with situations calmly. Once you are established in the concept and you know what you are doing, your belief strengthens. Your mind is trained and you become aware. When awareness combines with belief, benefits start flowing into your life!


Who has supported you the most in this endeavor?

My family and friends formed a strong support system for me when I needed them the most. They believe in this project and it’s potential to bring about a positive change. When my mother passed away, it left a huge gap in my life. I decided to do something productive by bringing positivity in other people’s lives. 

Stephanie Arnold has been one gem of a person who helped me take the project further. Her ideas have been extremely fruitful for the development of the project. Gia has also been of great help in the creation of Appmeditate. You are also going to hear some really relaxing and calming voices in the meditation sessions. For that, my special thanks to Gia, Akanksha and Ansh.


What’s your message to the world?

My message is to help make the world a more wonderful place to live in by spreading Love Joy and Happiness in an empowered way.