Purpose of my Life – By Vaneet Duggal

I am going to take you through the journey of “Why Mindfulness”.
Many people here ask me “when” did I get into meditations and “how” I am able to get such great results for people who use AppMeditate.
Well, it’s a long story that goes back to 2004. I was 28 then, got married, and landed myself in the middle of domestic war.

There was no one who helped deal with the challenges of a relationship. Forget about love and intimacy. I was miserable. I was dead inside. I could not really laugh. I surely could not cry. I could not feel my life.

Sitting on the banks of River Ganga I came across a gentleman from Germany Bruce who was reading the art of living book By S.N.Goenka. He explained to me about the book and gave a little glimpse of the Vipassana Technique.

I was excited and went on to do the 10-day silent retreat. The seventh day sitting in deep meditation I declared to myself that this is what I am going to do the rest of my life and create a space of meditation for others too. I found my life’s purpose.
I come from a middle-class background and none of my parents or grandparents had money to support me or my mission I had to do it myself and at the same time deal with my marriage.

The Journey of Abundance: 2005 If you are on the mission of self-realization, you want money and lots of it so that you do not have to worry about basic needs and at the same time take care of your desires. You must be thinking this journey is about giving up your desires, but my perspective is a spiritual person should live in abundance so that he can share his gifts with others. Even Krishna Says to Arjuna, A person who knows Dharma should be powerful and abundant so that he can use it to spread goodwill across.
When you are on a mission like that nature also supports you. I got the opportunity to work in Afghanistan where the money was really good and I could focus on my meditation practice. At the same time living away from the marriage turbulences. Eventually, we divorced and went separate ways for good.

The Journey of Self Realisation: 2009 with enough money in my account I retired from work and decided to go more deeply into meditation. I mastered several spiritual modalities over time and honed my energy healing capacities. Every school, every master I went to I preferred to be a student, soaking in awareness wherever I can receive it from. The Journey still continues.

The Journey of Love: 2012 I came across Mr. Nirmal Jain a beautiful person guiding me in the feminine aspect of life. Awareness is the masculine presence. While feminine is Love. A complete person is the one who can balance both these forms inside and outside. Going deep and learning from masters The Art of Love and Conscious Connections. And when I was ready I married his beautiful daughter, a beautiful Shakti Niti Jain who was very powerful in her own space, a fulfilled individual full of love, passion, and 2 lovely children. I feel honored and blessed to be part of their lives and thank them every day for sharing such a wonderful space.

The Beginning of AppMeditate: It was time to honor my declaration that I made in 2004 and living this fulfilled life made me ready. 2018 my mother passed away which also left a huge gap in my life and that was the space that helped me start working towards my life’s purpose of sharing mindfulness and follow my life’s motto to spread Love, Joy, and Happiness.

The reason I wanted to tell this story is this:- When you are anchored within yourself you will find ways to manifest anything you want outside. Meditation Practice is the best way to anchor your life, your thoughts, your emotions, your relations, and when you are anchored you can share this space of Love, Joy, and Happiness with others.

And this led me to create this space of AppMeditate where I have touched all the topics of life and created mindfulness practice around them be it Healing, Healthy Relationships, Love, Mindful Eating, Parenting, Stress, Success, Emotional Healing, Forgiveness, Romance, Sexuality, Creativity, Abundance, Empowered Youth, Playful Children and many more.

Let me know what you think of my life story.
Vaneet “Spreading Love, Joy and Happiness” Duggal

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