How Meditating Amidst Nature Can Awaken Our Mind

When was the last time you lost yourself amidst nature and forgot all about the worries of the world? When the cool breeze filtered from the lush green trees surrounds you while you rest your feet on the fresh grass, isn’t the feeling priceless? If you agree, you should know that the joy and benefits of meditation multiply when you contemplate outside in the serenity of mother nature. On that note, let’s take a look at how meditating amidst nature can awaken our minds to new possibilities.

1. Enhanced Focus On Your Being

When you close your eyes, and the gushing nature-induced wind touches you, it has a profoundly positive impact on the meditative state. Some people might find it a little distracting even if they are meditating in a quiet room. Sometimes, unwanted thoughts creep in when you are isolated in a confined space. But when you reside in nature at the moment, you feel liberated, and nature sounds significantly improve your overall state of mind. There are not many distractions, only calming sounds, and mesmerizing experience. Even your breath feels different. You feel more focused on your being when you are close to nature.

2. Better Tranquility

Meditation itself is a process that offers peace and tranquility to the mind. However, when you sit in natural surroundings, you can open your heart and soul, thanks to the silence and beauty of the natural world. This is the main reason why a majority of the meditation centers, as well as the monasteries, are located in forests. Meditation outside brings out our receptive presence to the world of nature. By releasing all our stress, once the meditation session is over, you are filled with a sense of placidity and profound positive energy.

3. More Effortless

Sit straight, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and let go of all the negative thoughts. This is something you will hear from any meditation guru when you sit down for the first time in contemplation. It might even seem like a little bit of an effort for a beginner if done indoors. However, when you meditate surrounded by natural elements, all this doesn’t seem like a voluntary movement you are trying to keep up with. You find it extremely easy to relax and clear your mind when you are surrounded by nature. Moreover, when you open your eyes, a breathtaking view of nature and its elements greets you instead of an empty room.

Bottom Line

If you wish to fully embody all your senses, the best way is to choose a spot that is serene are surrounded by lush green beauty. The sound of calm, running water is a cherry on top! If you want to gain a more in-depth insight, imagine waking up to the melodious sound of birds chirping. Don’t you feel relaxed and miraculously alive at the same moment? For adding a higher intensity, you can check out the forest meditations on Appmediate. It comprises nature sounds and guides you to a better mental awakening.

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