Health Benefits of Yoga and Meditation When Practised Together

Yoga and meditation techniques have been around and been practiced by spiritual gurus for tens of decades now. They are used as a sure shot way and means to achieve calm and good health for the body and soul. People usually use standard fitness regimes to keep up with their varied and everchanging lifestyles, but do we do something to keep our mind and mental health intact? Yoga and meditation have contributed to improving mental health and reducing stress levels drastically.  They have gained popularity and momentum as more and more people opt for this way of life and try to infuse some technique or the other to enhance their state of mind.

Meditation and yoga can be practiced individually and have shown to have their own set of benefits which are not far from few. Together they make an excellent and robust package to relax, cleanse, and keep the body more flexible and more fit.

Let us look at some prime benefits that we can take away by practicing both yoga and meditation together


When we practice yoga on a daily basis, we start to ward off the stress that we carry as an inevitable consequence of our everyday life. That’s something that we cannot escape from. Yoga reduces the inflammatory responses and reactions of the body, which in turn lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases, including the threat of blood pressure fluctuations. Meditation acts as an enabler for reducing anxiety, panic attacks, and disorders by calming and controlling the mind from overwhelming reactions.

Improved flexibility

In today’s day and age, where we are sitting ducks and chained to our office desks, yoga and meditation play a significant role to get us out that mindset and posture and use our bodies to rejuvenate. Yoga improves flexibility through its asanas and coupled with the meticulous and disciplined breathing techniques meditation brings to the table, engages, and improves our core.

Emotional health is piqued

When we look at our lives today, so many people suffer from stress-related diseases that lead to depression. That includes disorders like stress eating, bulimia, etc. these do not stem from a physical illness but a mental one. Yoga addresses these problems by keeping the body core engaged and fitter, whereas meditation addresses the mind and keeps it in control. Both yoga and meditation are practiced in an open and natural environment, which further helps in keeping your mind and body open to positive possibilities.

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