Health Benefits of Mindfulness for Body and Brain

Meditation and mindfulness have proven their benefits, time, and time again. Mindfulness is our essential ability to be fully aware of where we are and what we are doing in a present moment, and not be overcome by emotions to react or be overwhelmed by what is going on in our lives. Everyone has a sense of mindfulness usually, but it tends to escalate when we practice meditation and mindful techniques on a daily basis.

When you consciously are aware of what you are doing and how you are reacting to external factors that rule your life and yet not be overcome by emotions, you are enhancing and remodeling the physical capacity of your brain. Apart from this, let us look at some of the health benefits that mindfulness infuses into our day to day lives.

1.    Get better sleep

Any person who is suffering from lack of sleep or insomnia, which can be very harmful to the body in many ways, can get better by regularly practicing mindfulness techniques. Research has shown in older people, that they suffer from sleep disturbances. Getting them to practice mindfulness has shown to cure this condition and reduce sleep-related impairment and improve the quality of life.

2.    Controls weight gain and stress eating

Most of the time, we suffer from so much stress in life that we do not realize the side effects of this stress. Stress, most times without knowledge, converts into stress eating. Stress eating is wrongly underrated as it is a condition that has many implications, including depression and weight gain. Mindfulness helps in controlling or eradicating this condition. Mindfulness, along with cognitive therapy, can help in overcoming weight gain and stress eating disorder. Mindfulness also helps in controlling the weight and ensuring the consumption of an appropriate quantity of meals.

3.    Removal of negative feelings

When you are responsive rather than being reactive. Mindfulness does not allow you to be overcome by your negative and negative feelings and react badly to a particular situation. We all know that humans are ruled by their emotions. Being in control of your emotions is an art that can be perfected by practicing mindfulness daily. It helps in keeping the mind calm and enforcing positive thoughts. Not only this, more often than not, people who practice mindfulness handle critical situations and hold high stake discussions in a more constructive and structured manner.

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