Benefits of Letting Go of a Controlling Attitude

Are you a person who’s been told to let go of certain things many times? Been asked to withdraw from a critical situation or discussion based on letting it for now? Sometimes letting go of control in some situations serves as the ideal solution, especially if you are a person who desperately wants control. In life, we move on and say our goodbyes to relationships, people, and career choices. Saying goodbye or moving on is one thing, but relinquishing control is another. No one teaches us that, and we have to figure it out as we go. 

People like to control everything in their life because of many reasons. They may have insecurities or fears, fear of something terrible occurring, lack of trust in other people, etc. Controlling every aspect of your life can be very tiresome and exhausting. As you move on in life, you must be able to let the little things go and enjoy life as it comes. Life is variable, and there is only so much that you can control. 

Let us look at some ways you can let go of a controlling attitude and be a little easier going.

Free your mind

People say ‘what’s destined to happen, will happen.’ Although that true, we have to take control and make our destiny. Don’t do it to an extent which makes you unhappy and worried all the time. Life gives us a bunch of options. You have to take the one that causes the most benefit and causes the least damage. Beyond that, fighting for something that’s not in your control is not fruitful. All we do is worry about ourselves with the unknown and forget to enjoy the moments that fleet by us. Not just that, we also harm our near ones’ happiness due to this controlling behavior of ours.

Be Flexible

Exercising flexibility is a crucial habit of letting go of excess control. Try and make a list of things first, which you feel you can exercise flexibility. Flexibility means you can allow for things to be different than what you had planned initially. Once you make a list, try and follow it one at a time. Don’t try and change too much at once, as you feel anxious and unlike your usual self. Try and give up control in small areas where the stakes are not high, and damages are less even if things go wrong. 

The Trust factors

A big part of letting go is to learn how to trust others and oneself. Don’t fear the worst in every scenario. Have faith that things have worked out the way they are meant to. Sometimes, we want a particular thing, and we are so absorbed in controlling everything to make it happen, that we don’t stop and believe that maybe we deserve better. Every time you have a moment of taking absolute control, learn to let go and let the course of things go the way they are supposed to. 

To gain control of your life, you must lose control to enjoy what is in the present and what it has to offer.

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